Sunday, January 23, 2011

Thinking of summer to banish January Blues

2011 Art weekends and workshops at my studio.
We're almost at the end of the coldest January and winter in living memory here in Ireland and life goes on - snowdrops are peeping their brave little shoots through the hard frosty soil . I've had inquiries about my 2011 Art weekends and workshops, and they will as usual begin at the end of April and continue until October - I will  publish  definite dates and details here on my blog soon ! It is  time to plan the year ahead !
If you would like to be notified please leave a message here on comments or email me at   Please LEAVE A COMMENT if you have any special requests or suggestions for classes . Input from my potential  or returning students is always welcome -I am  open to new ideas and if I know what you want I will do my best to provide it . 

 "After the Showers" Watercolour

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