Thursday, September 8, 2011

Arrivederci Tuscany - Art Holiday 2011

To all who joined me in Tuscany - I have wonderful memories of a very full week ! Thank you for your company and enjoy the photos !

 DAY 1 - The Spa Montecatini 

Lunch at the Spa

Painting Demonstration of Perspective  and how to achieve three dimensions in your watercolour painting  using tone and colour .(Warmer and deeper  tones/colours in the foreground - cool in the background )
'Olive trees in a Tuscan landscape' by Trudi Doyle  

TUSCAN LANDSCAPE  by Trudi Doyle 2011

Day 2. Painting in Buggiana & Massa

Quiet day in Buggiana


 View across rooftops

Two Medival villages by mini-bus - a memorable lunch in  Massa ( no Susie it wasn't just a starter ! )  Some lovely doorways, buildings  and vistas captured !

Sheelah and Brenda

wonderful buildings                  

Deciding what to paint !

DAY 3    Florence  by train  with guided tour of  Uffizi Gallery  to view iconic works of art  and later Historic Florence in the sunshine - Memorable  ! 

DAY 4  5 & 6  Painting days  - Morning lesson at the Hotel fountain of Pots of red Geraniums in Watercolours and also in Acrylics  and demonstration in watercolour' en plein air' of the view from Montecatini Alta.  Trip by Cable car to upper Medieval town.

Trudi s  painting demonstration of the  view  across the Tuscan landscape

Painting that vista !
   Seen from the cable car !
  Painting demo  at the hotel  fountain of Pots of red Geraniums in Watercolours and also in Acrylics in the square  morning and afternoon  

Susie - enthusiastic worker !

Red Geraniums by Trudi Doyle

Teacher at work !



Sheelah and Trudi

Still Life   demonstration

Demonstration of Fruit still life in Acrylic and in Watercolours  outdoors at the Hotel Fountain by Trudi

Dinner at La Pia

Claire and Fiona - at La Pia Hotel  

'Montecatini Alta rooftops; by Trudi Doyle


With Maria La Pia - 

LAST DAY - Visit to Pisa . on way to airport -  Arrivederci Tuscany  - It's time for us to part !