Saturday, December 14, 2013

Happy Festive Season !

Happy Festive Season / Winter Solstice to my friends, family, followers,  customers, collectors and browsers !

Soon it will be the Winter Solstice, Yuletide, Christmas - the festival of the rebirth of the sun, when the sun begins to gain strength again and even in the depths of winter we are reminded that life will begin again.
Sun Setting behind the Thorn Tree

After the shortest day of the year, the winter solstice, the days begin to lengthen, my mother taught me, by the time span of a cocks step.
"Cock of the Walk "-Acrylic on canvas  

 Even in the coldest winter hope of Spring returning keeps us going

Reflections  of a Christmas tree !  

Crows  Roosting in My Garden !  

Nature's decoration - Ladybirds Hibernating !

Mossed Thorn tree on Eagle Hill 
Sun Setting behind the Thorn Tree

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Trudi 's Affordable Art Range -Acrylics on Canvas

A range  of original small paintings on canvas -each one unique -at ridiculously low prices . 
Start your own collection or purchase the perfect gift for the art lover in your life -Christmas , Birthday, Anniversaries. 
I will upload new pieces regularly over the next month so  keep checking in -don't miss a rare chance to own your own piece of original art  ! 
Until the end of December 2013 
Season Of Mists
View in my Etsy shop to Purchase €42
Click here to view in my Etsy shop -

"Will O' The Wisp -Connemara "- Original Acrylic on canvas 8 x 10 inches  €42          Purchase here

"And Snow fell on the Lane - Wicklow Ireland -€42 Acrylic on canvas 8 x 10 ins

 to purchase click here    

Bog Light -Connemara - Original Acrylic on canvas 8 x 10 inches  SOLD  Nov 2013

Pink Suffusion - Acrylic Painting on canvas  - 8 x 10 inches-€45

Towards the Blue Horizon  Acrylic on canvas 8 x 10 inches SOLD Oct 2013

Thorn tree and Kadeen Mountain Ireland - Acrylic on canvas 8 x 10 ins €42  PURCHASE HERE

Twilight Moon - Acrylic on canvas 8 x 10 inches

-€45  Purchase here     SOLD Nov 20th 2013

"Lonesome" - Acrylic on chunky canvas 8 x 8 ins  42 purchase here

"Little Birdhouse In Your Soul "-  on chunky canvas  8 x 8 ins 42 purchase here

irish cottage art     cottage ireland art           watercolour garden art

Monday, July 29, 2013

There's never been a better time to buy my artwork and there may never be again !

A window of opportunity

Trudi Doyle Exhibition Club House Hotel  Kilkenny Arts Festival - Friday 9th to Sunday 18th August.

Preview Exhibition Reserve art by email

An artist has a solitary existence – working alone with their  materials -paper, canvas, palette knife, brush, paint etc - from years beginning to years end. Showing work at exhibition is a welcome change of pace and an opportunity to engage with people who love and enjoy viewing art.
Now however, art lovers everywhere find themselves with less disposable income /discretionary capital to spend on the things they love and like to collect; artwork , Even people who are not badly effected by the economy are more hesitant to spend than they once were. This has not been good for the artist ! Selling artwork isn't easy even in a healthy economy, at times like this, it can seem almost impossible. !
As I prepared for my 28th annual exhibition in Kilkenny arts festival this year I had to think twice;- was it worthwhile to frame and hang an exhibition, transport the artwork with all the fetching and carrying involved then spend ten days driving back and forth to invigilate ( 80 mile round trip daily ) if the cost of the enterprise is not likely to be covered by sales of artwork.
I started my career in the 1980's when adversity was a fact of life and had to learn how to adjust to prevailing conditions in order to be successful and survive . I learned then, that in a slow market! the solution is to be flexible,  adjusting prices in the direction of affordability!
Usually when I broach the topic of lowering artwork prices with other artists and with art dealers, I'm met with looks of disbelief and surprise . To me the prevailing belief that art prices can never go down , only up, seems unrealistic and ridiculously lofty. After all, art however inspired in content and execution is a commodity when it is available for sale . Prices go up when money flows freely and work is in demand ; they go down when money gets scarce and artists studios, spare rooms, and storage spaces begin to fill up with unsold artwork. Where do all those lofty intangible values go when sales slow down ? In the real world , house prices are down, cars cost less, prices of most things are down significantly. By lowering my selling prices, the prospect of owning my artwork becomes more attractive for collectors .
I don't equate selling prices with my 'value ' or 'worth' as an artist. If I have a painting priced at €2000, for example, and lower the price to €1200, it is still the same painting, if I price a painting which would have been €500 at €300 it's still the same painting and I'm still the same artist.
"But how do you explain lower prices to people who bought at the top?" you may ask.
 Just because my artwork is more affordable today does not mean it won't go right back    up in price when the economy recovers. I am responding to collectors who continue to  love my art just as much as they did back in the day when they had more money to spend   on it. For them it's a window of opportunity, a moment in the continuum of my art career, and it won't last forever.
 There's never been a better time to buy my artwork than right now and there may never be again !
  ---Paintings, prints,cards by Trudi Doyle,exhibition in Gallery upstairs, Club House  Hotel. Kilkenny, (Club House Hotel link )open daily from Friday 9th to Sunday 18th August.

Detail "Tulips" watercolour

"" style="font: 10pt arial; text-decoration: underline;">ireland prints

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Preview of my Kilkenny Arts Festival Exhibition -Coming up in August

Preview of my Kilkenny Arts Festival Exhibition -Coming up in August
Exhibition Friday 9th August - Sunday18th in Gallery Upstairs, Club House Hotel, Kilkenny City, Ireland My Summer exhibition of Paintings in the Kilkenny Arts Festival Prints and cards also available.Open daily 11am - 6.30pm 

"Hawthorn  Winter"  watercolour

"Raven Wood " watercolour

"Misty Wood " watercolour

"Sea Breeze " watercolour

"Lilac " watercolour

"My Red Bike"  watercolour
 See complete list with prices /dimensions etc

.Full preview / List of paintings available at Kilkenny Arts festival 2013

with info on sizes and prices.


Saturday, May 11, 2013

The 2013 Art Workshop Season is well under way !

 Coming up this merry month of May !
ACRYLICS    1 day  €55     tutor Trudi Doyle   -Complete a painting each  day.( For beginners and improvers ) MAY ( one day) — Saturday 25th
WATERCOLOUR  MASTER CLASS 1day  €55 - tutor Trudi Doyle                                                            
  MAY   Sunday 26th  
Places avilable 
Summer School photo 2012 (Places avilable 2013) 
This year there are workshops in Watercolour, Oils, and Acrylics at very competitive reduced prices and  Drawing days for €45 . 

 by popular demand my CHILDRENS SUMMER SCHOOL is back ! 
AND a new Painting Holiday  on the  lovely Innisheer,  Aran Island in August.

 I hope you find something  in the programme to excite you  and  fire your enthusiasm to create ! I am looking forward to meeting  old  friends and making many new ones in 2013. 
WATERCOLOURS 1 day €55  tutor Trudi Doyle 
 Whether you are an apprehensive beginner  or have some experience but feel at sea in this medium, this day will  help you develop a range of simple techniques in watercolour. How to use  & mix  colour, lay washes, paint wet in wet  & compose a painting , all demonstrated in an easy paint along method , reinforcing your understanding of this  beautiful medium  giving you the confidence  to produce paintings to be proud of . Complete  at least one painting and several sketches

JULY - Sunday 28th    1 day €55    
(   Booked with Drawing  day  Sat July 27th -$95)

  SEPTEMBER   - Sunday 15th   1 day €55    

2OIL PAINTING          2 days  €110  tutor Pat Maher
  Artist Pat Maher  is a master at capturing the elusive effects of light and shade  and a  patient and experienced tutor, who knows how to bring out the best in his students. He will include instruction in good composition, colour and tone with demonstrations and individual tuition. If you are starting out or want to develop a surer approach ,this is for you.        (Beginners  and Improvers) 
 Day 1 can be booked on its own. €55  
 SEPTEMBER - Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th

3. DRAWING  DAY   €45   tutor Trudi Doyle  

JULY - Saturday 27th
(Booked with Watercolour day -Sun 28th = €95) 
This basic drawing day will be enjoyed  by anyone taking their first creative steps and also by painters who  have  bypassed drawing These essential drawing techniques  will  improve and enrich your sketching and painting  more than you can imagine.

4.WATERCOLOUR  MASTER CLASS 1day  €55 - tutor Trudi Doyle 
 MAY   Sunday 26th  
  AUGUST- Monday 5th - Bank Holiday     

For those wishing to loosen up , enliven their work & stretch their knowledge of watercolour beyond the usual . Experiment with techniques &“tricks of the trade” such as masking , sponging , salt effects, cling film textures and mixed media. Learn the secrets of  transparent glowing watercolours & achieve fresh,  luminous and vibrant  paintings .                                                              
"Snow Blizzard in the Grove "
"A Haze of Poppies" detail  



5ACRYLICS    1 day  €55     tutor Trudi Doyle  

MAY ( one day) — Saturday 25th
SEPTEMBER ------ Saturday 14th             
-Acrylics are an  easy ,versatile medium.  
 Diluted with water, acrylics can be used  like watercolour  or  from the tube  they produce depthcolour similar to oils
Their quick drying nature allows  build  up of  layers faster than oils, their opacity means they  are forgiving of  mistakes, we will cocentrate on sketching and  painting technniques  learn thebasics  while completing a painting each  day.( For beginners and improvers )


6. CHILDRENS ART & NATURE SUMMER SCHOOL    (3 day) Age 4 to 11
Enjoy Art lessons in Painting , Drawing and Collage. Stimulate the imagination  by making wonderful creations from colourful papers, fabrics, found objects, beads & buttons in the studio.
Also enjoy outdoor nature walks to encourage observation skills –weather permitting- and interactive fun and games in the garden. 
All Materials provided.

 Bring a packed lunch each day

. Week  1
Tues 9th    Weds 10th   Thurs 11th   July 
From 10am to 2pm each day   

fee €55  
 ( all materials included)


 Tues 14th  Weds 16th  Thurs 17th   July
( Booking available only if week 1 is  full -please inquire

From 10am to 2pm each day    

 Classes are held in warm well lit  studio with large gothic  windows  looking out on a mature  leafy  garden , by  a quiet laneway  to scenic countryside .
MATERIALS please bring your own brushes , paints, paper   etc  However a basic selection is for sale at the studio.  A list of suggested materials will be sent to you on receipt of  booking.

 THE COURSES  Classes begin at 10am. Refreshments; teas, coffee etc.  available all day

 LUNCH BREAK 12.30 to 2PM.  You have a choice. Bring  your own packed lunch  or avail of  Lunch in local Restaurant Rathwood. FINISH AT 4PM - If classes run over time,  the studio remains open until 5 pm , relax,  finish your work or just browse through Trudi’s art books.
 ACCOMMODATION -list of  B&B’s / Hotels will be sent  to you by email  or post if required on completion of booking .

 BOOK by email click here to contact Trudi


Painting Holiday on Inisheer  off the Galway Coast
 An island of castles, holy wells and ancient Celtic sites.-

Sunday August 25th--Thursday 29th