Monday, January 31, 2011

"Approaching rain, Eagle Hill" Oil on canvas .

This Oil painting  "Approaching Rain, Eagle Hill " is of a place very close to my heart as I spent my chilhood playing in its fields and woods and among its rocks and ferns.  I love this place.
I sold  the piece on line  recently to a lady from Utah -USA
She emailed the following  when she recieved the painting.
"I received it yesterday! And I must say I am in LOVE with it! It is even more beautiful than I could have imagined! It has this dream like quality to have created an ethereal, poetic landscape, a soft, soothing, yet happy place! You are truly gifted! I LOVE your use of color!!! I am so happy with my new art !!. You must be a lovely, tender, sweet soul to have painted this artwork   Thank you Dear Trudi!! "
I am very happy for this piece to have gone to a loving home ! Yes my paintings are like my children , I have a pang every time I let one go - but it's  good to  make a  living !

What makes a good painting ?
"If a painting is full of magic, if you feel some happiness from it, if it makes you laugh or cry, if it gets things moving.
It should be like a flower,a tree. It should be the same as nature. It should be that when it is not there you should miss it. It is a person. A painting is only good when it can stand comparison to a tree or a living person . "
F.Hundertwasser 1928 -2000( Austrian artist )

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