Sunday, September 30, 2012

Trudi Doyle Cards With the Christmas Season in mind

In addition to my usual range of cards I am offering a new selection of 
Winter images in card form suitable for any occasion

"Snow storm on Eagle Hill Hacketstown"Watercolour 

"Mist Rising after Snow'' watercolour 

'First Snowdrops' watercolour 
"Yellow Kite"
"Must Love Dogs "

                                      "Winter Doorway" watercolour

All Greeting Cards are 5 X 7 inches - 

from my paintings

* Semi Gloss Finish 

* Matt finish inside

* With white envelopes

Printed with a UV protectant on the outside producing a luxurious and beautiful semi gloss finish on quality white cardstock 110lb weight .

The inside has a matte white finish and is blank inside for your personal note.

Suitable for Holidays, Christmas, birthdays, get well cards, invitations, gift cards, good luck cards , wedding invitations . love notes etc. etc. They have endless uses - also suitable for framing. 


 Available in my Etsy Shop

Sunday, September 9, 2012

A series of Watercolours inspired by rainy weather, misty mornings, atmospheric landscapes -mostly around my home  in Ireland- ! Summer of 2012  !!

An Extract from a piece of writing for Joans' book 

----------Available on Amazon on

A Portentous Dream.
Gertrude Anne Doyle  ( My birth name )

I awoke one Sunday morning in the summer of 1995 with vivid images of a nightmare. I had dreamt that my friend Lena was dying and was calling out my name.
 I awoke and remenbered that my friend Lena was calling out my name . In the dream her husband Gavin had died and she had no-one but me to call on for help.

More soon  !

or  Check out my studio FB page if you'd like to see more paintings !

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Bunbury Art & Nature Summer School -3 days of non stop fun

Beautiful art work!

Dog daisies in the garden  and a glimpse of blue sky !
 In the garden - a Wrens nest hidden in my pergola !

Lots more painting fun
Self seeded foxgloves by the studio 
Self seeded foxgloves by the studio


wo hoo !

whee ! - fun on the swings 

aaaah --=Where's everyone gone ??

Bee in  foxglove  !

Swallows nest in the grreenhouse

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Portrait and other commissions

Commissions are a large part of my work, Landscapes, house paintings and human portraiture. I work from life or photographs  in watercolours, pastels or acrylics. The finished paintings are available unframed or suitably framed .

The price depends both on the subject matter and size of the painting.
Included on this page are prices of portrait commissions.
  A recent project
 commissioned portrait of Bob Dylan 

Portrait in Acrylic on canvas by artist Trudi Doyle
commissioned portraits of a loved one or favourite personality from good quality photos

Example of prices & Size
Single image - Acrylics on canvas
10 x 12 ins Acrylics on canvas -- €250 
12 x 12 ins Acrylics on canvas -- €275 
14 x 12 ins Acrylics on canvas -- €320 
18 x 12 inches Acrylics on canvas -- €375 

Group paintings Two /three figures
Prices for group portraits on request
10 x 12 ins Acrylics on canvas -- €275 
12 x 12 ins Acrylics on canvas -- €300 
14 x 12 ins Acrylics on canvas --€345 
18 x 12 inches Acrylics on canvas --€430 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Preview of the watercolour painting process !

For anyone intrigued by the painting process !  

Preview of a Watercolour in progress 

The completed work will be exhibited later in 2012 

Work in Progress -


DETAIL   Owl  
DETAIL   Hare and Sea horse 

I finished painting this piece at the end of July 
and exhibited it in "Kilkenny Arts Festival" August 2012

The finished artwork -
-"Peaceable Kingdom"