Saturday, May 29, 2010

TURNER'S ART - 200 years old - still daring

JMW TURNER 1775 – 1851
The greatness of Turner was a reckless appreciation of natural wildness; -the glory of natural light produced by the sun with casual ease morning after morning, the many natural variations of light and atmosphere produced by climatic variations - Like the Irish weather the English climate cannot be relied upon -these elusive and inconsistent qualities elicited from Turner new improvisatory painting techniques.
Watercolour played a significant role in his artistic development and later became his means of private expression and experiment. He invented numerous devices ; colour piment was laid on wet paper; near finished work was scrubbed out or soaked in baths of water to diffuse paint, he scratched away the surface of the paper and manouvred wet watercolour with his fingertips.His repertoire of watercolour effects became phenomenal. He created a new artistic language.
Turner’s daring disregard for realism was unprecedented and was not matched again until the 20th century with the Abstract Expressionists Pollock, Rothko and De Kooning.

"Turner disturbed those who met him by conforming little to the accepted idea of a great artist - A cockney – not over scrupulous about cleanliness or correct pronunciation was passionately intent on the things that mattered to him.
He was recognised as great from the beginning –his innovative pourings and soakings of paint bore the stamp of genius."

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