Thursday, May 27, 2010

ALL NEW -ART SAMPLE DAY with Trudi Doyle
1 day €55

A chance to try Drawing & some Watercolours & Acrylics. Suitable for those who have always wanted to take up painting but haven’t got round to it.

This day will introduce you to basic drawing & painting techniques & skills on how to compose a painting and give you a taste of painting with watercolours & acrylics. All materials are supplied for the day and you will go home with a new insight and hopefully enough enthusiasm to continue painting.

You may bring your own materials if you prefer.

Materials supplied.

MAY - Sunday 30th 5 places

DRAWING DAYS tutor Trudi Doyle €55

Although ideal for someone taking their first steps in art , this basic drawing day will be enjoyed by painters who might have bypassed drawing and want to improve their draftmanship . Learn essential drawing techniques which will provide a solid foundation to build on & will develop good observational skills to enhance painting.

MAY - Saturday 29th

JULY- Saturday 24th

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