Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Trudi Doyle Art - New work in watercolour

 New work in watercolour 

What any true painting touches is an absence - an absence of which without the painting, we might be unaware. And that would be our loss.
― John Berger

Detail from "Conspiracy of Ravens" watercolour 

"Dreaming with Hares" watercolour by Trudi Doyle 
"The human imagination...has great difficulty in living strictly within the confines of a materialist practice or philosophy. It dreams, like a dog in its basket, of hares in the open ". John Berger

"Haroldstown Dolmen  " watercolour 

Detail from "Hare Memories - " watercolour 

"The Essence of Summer 1" watercolour 
"Bouquet Essence of Summer 3" watercolour
"Bouquet Essence of Summer 2" watercolour

"Haunted Dawn"watercolour

 " Boithrin Inisheer" 
 & "Resting Currachs Inisheer" 
watercolours by Trudi Doyle
Paintings completed en plein air during a painting holiday I organised on beautful Inisheer in the summer of 2013 - Ithey have been languishing in a folder ( with seversl others) ever since, waiting for their' moment ! They will be framed & on display in my exhibition in Butler House - Kilkenny Arts Festival 5th - 14th August 2016

Montbretia Inisheer -DETAIL
 "Wild Flower meadow  on IInisheer" watercolour

"Hare in a wild flower meadow  " watrecolour 

 For regular visitors to my Kilkenny Arts Festival  
 exhibitions I  moved from my usual space in the Club House hotel and returned to Butler House Patrick St.  for Kilkenny Arts Festval 2016. Exhibition  opened on Friday 5th August  until Sunday 14th   


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