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"IMAGINE" April 17th to May 14th An exhibition of paintings by Trudi Doyle in the Courthouse Art Centre Tinahely

IMAGINE  ….. An exhibition of paintings by Trudi Doyle

The following information  currently  appears  on the "Whats on " Visual art page of The Courthouse Art Centre

Artist Trudi Doyle returns to show her paintings at the Courthouse Arts for the third time.   Trudi was the first artist to show in the Courthouse when it opened in 1996. This exhibition offers much to feed the imagination and is an opportunity to view her original, intriguing and beautiful paintings.

Still working on the last piece 

Detail from "Cocoon "

"Eostra Holds the Moon" SOLD

 Trudi’s art has a distinct style and quality: imagination is the primary source for her work, 
Many images are offered to the viewer to interpret as they may. Take her large “Tree of Life" painting in acrylic on canvas for instance, one suspects a moral lesson but it is up to the viewer to decipher the puzzle.
Tree of Life 

Sea Dreaming  SOLD 

Trudi now lives and grew up surrounded by images of open skies, trees, fields , mountains, farmland and wildlife  which merge with remembered stories, and imagined scenarios to inform her artwork which has been described as thoughtful and surreal and certainly is both. 

She Ran with the Hunted
Birds and wildlife clearly penetrate her consciousness and resurface in her work.

Dream Journey 

Many of her images have qualities that defy analysis and which brings one back to view them again and again

To Sleep until Spring  (with Hedghog ) 

Trudi works in watercolours, pastels, oils and acrylics.  Her pastels have a dreamlike quality using an individual iconography relating to childhood and part of the pleasure for the viewer resides in identifying the motifs and sources of inspiration.
Moon dance

Fly me to the Moon

My Red Bicycle
Sometimes her work is simply beautiful and celebratory like her garden paintings, interiors, flower paintings and her still life pieces which show as Prionsias O’Drisceoil, Arts Officer, once wrote of her work ”a reverence for the everyday artifact”.
"Fox Hunting in the sun" SOLD

Spring Daffodils 
Hare Stare  SOLD 
Cluster of Wild Poppies 
Harldstown Dolmen 

Wicklow Landscape with Thorn Tree  

Trudi  is a contemporary artist from Hacketstown, Co Carlow now living in Crecrin, Ballyconnell on the Carlow Wicklow border and working from her studio there..

Trudi’ work has been exhibited widely both in Ireland, Europe and USA and pieces are held in many corporate and public collections as well as by private individuals throughout the world (including Oscar winner Ben Kingsley)."


Acrylics on Canvas
 1. My Summer Garden         ------------  €2,400
 2.Cocoon ( Box Canvas ) --------------   €3,000
 3. Tree of Life              -------------------  €2,400
 4. Nature Whispers her Wisdom -----    €2,400
 5.The Yellow Kite          ---------€480    SOLD
 6. Moon Bather          --------------   ----- €480
 7. Eostra Holds the Moon        ---€1200--SOLD
 8  Noah's Ark,After the Flood     -----   €1,200
 9. Sea Dreaming                -------- --- € 700  
10. She Ran with the Hunted  ------------ €600
11. Dream Journey        -------------------- €600
12.Whispers from the Future  ------ ------    €1,000.
13 Pink Sunset, Eagle Hill   ------------- -€400
14.Artemis and the Wren     -------------   €360
15 .To SleepUntil Spring--------    €480SOLD
 16. Solitary Night Owl     ---------          €500
17 Everyone Goes Away        -------------   €160

18Season of Mists         ------------------ €160

19.Child Of the Universe ----------€180 SOLD 

20 Fox Alert                    ----------€800 SOLD 
1.Summer Morning      ----  Oils ------  €1200


22.Sunflowers and Poppies --------------- €540
23 Ducks &Sunflowers     ------ --------  €540

24"Good Drying Out ! " ------ ------ ---   €220

25 The Hare Remembers Too  ---------- -€450

26.Haroldstown Dolmen ---------- ------ € 180  

27. Fox hunting in the Sun       -------  SOLD
28 Bouquet of Daffodils    -------------    €450
29 Ravens Wood         ------------------.  €480
30 Cluster of Poppies        ------------ -- €480
31 Hawthorn Winter          ----------       €480
32 Hare Stare                --------  -----  SOLD
33 Gateway  to the Harvest  ----------     €450
34 Wicklow Landscape with Thorn tree -€450
35. My Red Bicycle    ------------------      €450
36. Flying with an Angel    ------------  €800
37. Moondance      ----------------- ---    €800
38. The Rescue      ----------------------   €480
39 Fly me to the Moon       ----- -------- €450

“Art for me is a visual diary of the imagination “ Trudi Doyle 

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