Sunday, July 26, 2015

Kilkenny Arts Festival 2015 "Nature Myth and Me "

Trudi Doyle Art Exhibition 
Nature Myth and Me 
 Gallery upstairs, Clubhouse Hotel Patrick St. Kilkenny 
from 10.30 daily - Friday 7th to Sunday 16th August

This year my exhibition  has a variety of my work in Watercolours, Acrylics and Pastels including a section with a mythological theme.  

She Ran with The Hunted - Acrylic on Canvas 

Dream Journey  - Acrylic on Canvas 

Whispers from the Future  - Acrylic on Canvas 

"Sea Dreaming"   27 x 15 inches (69cm x 39 cm )
  On s canvas framed in ivory painted wood
    ( artists acrylic )

"Transmigration ( Eastra Holds the Moon) "

"Child f the Universe"
              "Family"  Watercolour

"Artemis and the Wren"

"Two hares Contemplate the Moon "Watercolour

"Hare Stare "  waterccolour 

I will add more images daily -  or click the link following -


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