Sunday, January 18, 2015

Two Hares contemplate an Owl by Moonlight

I painted this watercolour last Autumn and uploaded it to my Etsy shop
As a result I recently received a request to paint a larger version with a Hawaiian  forest feel to it -
 it is a present for twin baby boys - with Hawaiian connections
Rough start - with main elements 
Bare branches suggest winter 

Here is the process   -
Snow began to fall ! ( Outside my window  and in the painting ! )
I wanted to keep the bare trees and the moon appearing behind them which was a vital part of the original image so I imagined  winter descending on a lush green forest !
Spot the Owl ? 
 This added a fantasy fairy tale aspect which evolved as I painted -  mainly because  of the unlikelihood of bare branches juxtaposed  with a Hawaiian forest with ferns - the Gecko - common in Hawaii just appeared !! I was told by my client that the inclusion of the Gecko was a sign of good luck in Hawaii.                           
    A Gecko appeared in the foreground ! 

  My Client who lives in New York  told me about an owl in Hawaii, called a Pueo - it's very hard to see at night and you rarely  know that they are watching . According to legend - if they are seen looking at you  it means that  someone from another life is watching over you -
- She asked me to retain the Owl but obscure it even more !  
So - spot the owl !!

Almost finished !  

Time to sign the finished piece !  And pack for shipping !
I titled the painting
"Winter Descends as Two Hares Contemplate An Owl by Moonlight"  
The completed painting is somewhat surreal  which I like . 
The Hares and the Owl remain and the Gecko hidden in the foreground  for a   flavour of Hawaii !


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