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"I Dream in Colour "Trudi Doyle Art -Kilkenny Festival 2014

" Season of mists "

FULL PREVIEW here (watercolours included )

" I Dream in Colour"
 Trudi Doyle Art Exhibition at the Clubhouse Kilkenny - 8th to 17th August

           From Kilkenny to Minnesota
As I prepare for my 29th annual exhibition in Kilkenny arts festival this year I remember  that this time last year I was trying to decide if it was worthwhile to continue to exhibit during a recession .
 It was a dilemma but  I went ahead as usuall to the venue in "mid town " Kilkenny  I've been exhibiting at for twenty years - Gallery Upstairs at the Club House Hotel . !
As it happened that exhibition last year was quite successful but the most interesting development for me soon after was a request via my website from Gustavus Adolphus University, Minnesota to purchase temporary copyright for their print literature of some art pieces which had been shown in my Kilkenny Exhibition , in particular "Peaceable Kingdom" watercolour which I'd sold to a private collector from Kilkenny
Detail "Peacable Kingdom " watercolour  

I'm amazed at the far reaching power of the internet ! My website on Fine Art America where Gustavus Adolphus University found my work and loved it,  is home to 100,000+ of the world's greatest living artists and photographers with a collection of 7,224,229 images so I feel very proud and lucky that my work was chosen . See detail from one of their choices " Peaceable Kingdom"

This year my exhibition " I Dream in Colour" has a variety of my work in Watercolours, Acrylics and Pastels including a section with a mythological theme.( see "Transmigration" attached  )
Trudi Doyle Art Exhibition at the Gallery upstairs, Clubhouse Hotel from 10.30 daily -8th to 17th August

"Child f the Universe"

"Artemis and the Wren"

"Cassandra and the Birds"
3 Chunky Box Canvases   6 x 6 inches. (1.5 inch deep )
     acrylic with textured acrylic.
"Moonbather"On s canvas framed in ivory painted antiqued wood    ( artists acrylic )

" Noah's Ark, After the Flood"On s canvas framed in white  painted wood    ( artists acrylic )

"The Yellow Kite" On s canvas framed in whitey painted wood    ( artists acrylic )

"Sea Dreaming"   27 x 15 inches (69cm x 39 cm )
  On s canvas framed in ivory painted wood
    ( artists acrylic )

 FULL Preview of work in my show

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