Monday, July 29, 2013

There's never been a better time to buy my artwork and there may never be again !

A window of opportunity

Trudi Doyle Exhibition Club House Hotel  Kilkenny Arts Festival - Friday 9th to Sunday 18th August.

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An artist has a solitary existence – working alone with their  materials -paper, canvas, palette knife, brush, paint etc - from years beginning to years end. Showing work at exhibition is a welcome change of pace and an opportunity to engage with people who love and enjoy viewing art.
Now however, art lovers everywhere find themselves with less disposable income /discretionary capital to spend on the things they love and like to collect; artwork , Even people who are not badly effected by the economy are more hesitant to spend than they once were. This has not been good for the artist ! Selling artwork isn't easy even in a healthy economy, at times like this, it can seem almost impossible. !
As I prepared for my 28th annual exhibition in Kilkenny arts festival this year I had to think twice;- was it worthwhile to frame and hang an exhibition, transport the artwork with all the fetching and carrying involved then spend ten days driving back and forth to invigilate ( 80 mile round trip daily ) if the cost of the enterprise is not likely to be covered by sales of artwork.
I started my career in the 1980's when adversity was a fact of life and had to learn how to adjust to prevailing conditions in order to be successful and survive . I learned then, that in a slow market! the solution is to be flexible,  adjusting prices in the direction of affordability!
Usually when I broach the topic of lowering artwork prices with other artists and with art dealers, I'm met with looks of disbelief and surprise . To me the prevailing belief that art prices can never go down , only up, seems unrealistic and ridiculously lofty. After all, art however inspired in content and execution is a commodity when it is available for sale . Prices go up when money flows freely and work is in demand ; they go down when money gets scarce and artists studios, spare rooms, and storage spaces begin to fill up with unsold artwork. Where do all those lofty intangible values go when sales slow down ? In the real world , house prices are down, cars cost less, prices of most things are down significantly. By lowering my selling prices, the prospect of owning my artwork becomes more attractive for collectors .
I don't equate selling prices with my 'value ' or 'worth' as an artist. If I have a painting priced at €2000, for example, and lower the price to €1200, it is still the same painting, if I price a painting which would have been €500 at €300 it's still the same painting and I'm still the same artist.
"But how do you explain lower prices to people who bought at the top?" you may ask.
 Just because my artwork is more affordable today does not mean it won't go right back    up in price when the economy recovers. I am responding to collectors who continue to  love my art just as much as they did back in the day when they had more money to spend   on it. For them it's a window of opportunity, a moment in the continuum of my art career, and it won't last forever.
 There's never been a better time to buy my artwork than right now and there may never be again !
  ---Paintings, prints,cards by Trudi Doyle,exhibition in Gallery upstairs, Club House  Hotel. Kilkenny, (Club House Hotel link )open daily from Friday 9th to Sunday 18th August.

Detail "Tulips" watercolour

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    1. Thank you Anne Marie ! Right back at ya !!

  2. I love your paintings. I bought some of your notecards back in 2011 and whilst sorting out some paperwork I came across a postcard you sent me 'Another Sunny Morning'. I hadn't noticed it before but I saw your blog address on there and thought I'd check it out. Better late than never! I will follow you via Bloglovin. Take care, Maggie xx

    1. Thank you for your kind words Maggie -only spotted your note today !! Keep following !

  3. I just found your Europe Series a few days ago. It inspired me to also pursue my dream of going to Europe someday. I might also do it solo like what you did. I really enjoy reading all your entries. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences.
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