Monday, July 18, 2011

"Follow me Up To Carlow " Commissioned Historic house painting

I was delighted recently to be commissioned to paint the ancestral home of the iconic songwriter P.J.McCall by one of his descendants and also  to discover that this  home is only four miles from where I live.   
The stile below the ancestral home of the McCall family

 Watercolour Sketches for commissioned Acrylic on canvas painting of the Mc Call ancestral home.

McCall home.  Front view 1.
P. J.MC CALL was a Dublin-born songwriter and poet ( son of JOHN McCall. Historian, Folklorist, Writer and Patriot from Killalongford, Clonmore Born in 1822 ) Many of his songs reflect an interest in his ancestors from the Carlow-Wexford region.
In 1580, at the pass of Glenmalure in Co. Wicklow, Fiach MacHugh O'Byrne overcame the forces of the Crown under Lord Grey de Wilton. The victory is commemorated in the song 'Follow Me Up to Carlow'
His songs which are still popular today include  "Boolavogue", "The Lowlands Low", "Kelly the Boy from of Killane" and "Haste to the Wedding" . Patrick McCall  died in 1919.

McCall home - Rear view with old apple tree

The Mc Call family still live in the area .

McCall home  - Front view 2

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  1. I live in this house through the 40;s and 50's went to school in Clanmore
    Been back a few times, all has changed. Now living in Florida Keys
    I like what you did to the homestead.Thank you! John McCall.