Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tree of life "Crann bethadh"

"Tree of Life "Trudi Doyle  -watercolour


The Fairy tree showing ts feet !

Because trees have their roots in the unseen world of spirit, they are doorways into that world.

When a celtic tribe cleared the land for a settlement, they always left a great tree in the middle, known in Ireland as the "crann bethadh," or Tree of Life which embodied the security and integrity of the people. Chieftains were inaugurated at the sacred tree, for with its roots stretching down to the lower world, its branches reaching to the upper world, it connected him with the power both of the heavens and the worlds below.
.For trees not only provided earthly sustenance: they were regarded as living, magical beings who bestowed blessings from the Otherworld. 

This  poem by Kathleen Raine - says it all

Crann Bethadh
A hundred years I slept beneath a thorn,
Until the tree was root and branches of my thought,
Until white petals blossomed in my crown.

"Habitat "-Trudi Doyle  -watercolour

Trudi Doyle - Winter Habitat
Wintet Habitat 2

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