Sunday, March 7, 2010

No pool of water is like any other - Musings of a watercolourist

Watercolour paintings are not usually prey to forgers –the very difficulties of managing water, of imitating the instantaneous marks produced by the action of the artist in combination with pools of pigmented water ensures that each work is unique and almost impossible to recreate.

'Wet in wet’ is the most complex, but also the most basic of all the techniques of watercolour. When the water on the brush meets the water on the page something remarkable happens. It is this phenomena which makes the art of watercolour painting exciting and immensely satisfying .

Painting wet in wet requires a calm mind, spontaneous movements & focus - when I am painting in the flow I lose track of time; I am in the moment yet out of concious time - a seeming contradiction.

Gaining an understanding of watercolour takes patience and practice and many pools of colourful water both on & off the paper.

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