Thursday, January 7, 2010

Today I am remembering the trip I took to Montacatini in Tuscany last April to explore the possibility of arranging a holiday for lovers of art and Italy. I stayed in La Pia Hotel run by lovely Maria and her brother and was well pleased with everything, here are some photos.

Maria took me to explore some of the medeival villages in the area; Buggiano and Massa where I hope to go for painting days . On a leisurely stroll around I saw a host of subjects to sketch and paint; hazy vistas, ancient doorways , shuttered windows; elegant villas and ramshackle old sheds !
The holiday is arranged for next August from Wednesday 18th to Wednesday 25th and will suit painting beginners who want to learn some simple painting and sketching techniques, for those who have some experience and for lovers of art and Italy.
We fly into Pisa and will also visit Florence and the Uffitzi Gallery to see the breathtaking masterpieces including the Boticellis - and also take a trip to Sienna or Lucca.

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  1. The photos look so inviting, beam me up Scotty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!